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Jiston's axe slammed into a large oak tree. The familiar sound of the whizz-thud calming him. Nine years. Nine years he had been able to control his curse.

For as long as he could remember he had always had strange abilities. Powers that gave him the ability to see visions of the future, teleport a meter or two away from where he was and even catch glimpses of other worlds. Or, so he had been told.

Just an hour or two earlier he had been attending his duties as gaurdian of Princess Sarana. The Princess, himself and two other guards had been walking the streets, as was custom, when a group of men started grabbing at the Princess. Jiston pushed the men away but they continued. Eventually he had been able to get Sarana to the the safety of the palace courtyard but the men continued to follow.

It got to the point where Jiston had been pushed past his breaking point. He lashed out at the men and somehow created a large crack in the ground. What made things stranger is that instead of going into the dark depths of the earth, the crack created a light. The men fell into the hole and at that he ran.

He was interupted from his thoughts as he heard a rustle coming from the trees. Pulling his large iron axe out of the tree he circle the small clearing he had found.

"It is just me." Came a familiar voice.

Jiston sighed, "Sarana you shouldn't be here."

He turned to the young adult her rich black hair and deep blue eyes reflecting the sun's light. "I am twenty-two Jiston. I can look after myself."

"Sorry M'lady." The brown haired man mumbled. 

"Why didn't you tell me?" Sarana asked after a few moments of silence.

Jiston thought for a second. His whole life he had possesed unearthly powers and had told next to no one. Not even his own family. He admitted it was not unusual to find someone that possesed magics these days but normally it required years to master. As he got older Jiston taught himself to control the power and rarely used it. Soon he begun learning the art of blade weilding. He learnt how to use swords, daggers, axes and much more. He excelled in his classes and soon worked his way up the ranks.

At the mere age of twenty-one, just two years before, Jiston had been given the honour of becoming Princess Sarana's Royal Gaurdian. Over then years the two had become great friends and at some points almost forgot about the horrific war that was waging just 700 kilometres north. They got to know eachother so well. Yet, despite this, he had never revealed his secret.

"I just couldn't." 

Sarana looked deep into Jiston's blue eyes a hint of disappointment on her face. "You know you can trust me with these things."

Jiston nodded, "I just haven't really talked to anyone about it. Ever."

Sarana looked to the ground for a momment. "The men are fine but don't seem to remember much that happened in the last fourty-eight hours."

The blue eyed man threw his axe at the tree again the blade missing the mark by a few centimeters. Jiston cursed under his breath.

"When your ready go and see Rillana. She might know what to do."

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