He said, She said

He said, she said. The subject that causes all the arguments.

First off you need to know that using said isn't a bad thing. It is actually a good thing to use 'said'. Now, I'm not saying to use said in every line of speech as that makes the story very boring or repetitive, if you will.

Feel free to use said but then add in different words to spice the story up a bit. Here's a bad example:

"Cana your so stupid!" Said George.

"Your one to speak." Cana said back.

"Well atleast I have a brain!" George said.

Did you feel how boring that was? Now let's use a good example:

"Cana your so stupid!" George said.

"Your one to speak." Cana replied.

"Well atleast i have a brain!"

Now that seemed a bit better, didn't it? As I keep saying using said isn't a bad thing but it is good to use different words and sometimes none at all! I know that you have more than likely been told by a teacher that you should avoid using said but that doesn't mean you need to get fussed over finding extremely complicated words to replace it with.









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